About Us
We’ve always had a dog at home… like most dog lovers!
But we definitely fell in love with the Coton de Tuléar back in 1996. This small dog literally laid a spell on us and the Coton de Tuléar is now the only breed at the kennel.
Breeding is a real passion and we have been lucky enough to make it a living.

We live in the beautiful countryside to the South of Rennes in Brittany.
In our kennel, everything has been done so that our Cotons live with us and are part of the family. However, we have in mind to comply with the law as our kennel is a registered one.

We do lots of dog shows in France all year round. Furthermore, we very often go to Denmark, Germany, Spain… where you could meet us and our show dogs.
Most of our Cotons are registered in the “rating table1” headed by the French Coton Club (CCCE) in France and some of them have a “champion” or “multi-champion” title.

As we have always been very open and serious about our breeding program since we started breeding back in 1991, we have lots of “du Castel de la Roche aux Fées” Cotons’ owners all over France and Europe.

This « rating table » is a list on which bitches and stud dogs are graded from 1 to 6. However, the 1rst grade does not appear in the Coton de Tuléar Club on the Internet as this grade is a minimum.
Grade 1
“confirmé”. This is the minimum for a dog or a bitch. This means that a judge has seen your dog and has declared him/her standard-compliant.
Grade 2
“reconnu”. Not only is this dog standard-compliant but he/she has been given an “excellent” in a dog show, has passed the TAN (a test proving that your dog is a sociable one), and he/she is PRA and cataract free.
Grade 3
“sélectionné”. Same as before plus he/she has been given two « excellent » in the French Championship dog show, or in a Special Coton de Tuléar dog show or in the Coton de Tuléar National Breed dog show. Furthermore, a minimum of two different judges is necessary to have given an “excellent” to the dog.
Grade 4
“recommandé”. This dog is « confirmé », has passed the TAN, was checked for eyes diseases (PRA and cataract), has been given an “excellent” in the French Championship dog show or in the Coton de Tuléar National Breed dog show and another 3 “excellent” being amongst the first 4 dogs in a Special Coton de Tuléar dog show with 3 different judges. As from the 1rst of January 2012, this dog also has to be genetically identified.
Grade 5
“élite B”. The bitch or stud dog is « confirmé » and in his/her direct descendants has given birth to 3 dogs “recommandé” within two litters at the minimum.
Grade 6
“élite A”. The bitch or stud dog is « recommandé » and in his/her direct descendants has given birth to 3 dogs “recommandé” within two litters at the minimum.

Our program is based on health, temperament and beauty.
All our dogs have been health tested by registered specialists (experts) and genetically checked by Optigen or Antagène.
All puppies are registered to the LOF (Livre des Origines Français = French book of the origins). Consequently, as soon as the SCC (Société Centrale Canine which is the French Kennel Club) will provide us with the export pedigree of your Coton, we will send it over to you.
Every single pup is born in a nursery adjoining our office where they stay for their first 3 weeks of life. The puppies are being cuddled and handled lots of time during the day… Obviously, so are the Mummies!!!
Then, they are being put, with their Mum, into a bigger nursery so they can open up to the world in the best possible way.
Another few weeks later, they go into playpens during the day where they play and take part in the kennel life. This way, our puppies love being cuddled, playing and are not afraid of other dogs.
At about 9 to 10 weeks of age, they are ready to go to their forever home.

You are welcome to come and visit us any day at your convenience providing you have made an appointment.

How to find the kennel :