Coming from the island of Madagascar, this small dog weighs about 5 to 6 kilos (11 to 13.2 Lbs) and has dark and very expressive eyes. As for the coat, the Coton de Tuléar has a long, fine, texture of cotton coat. With a minimum of 8 cm (over 3 inches long), the Coton’s coat can be very slightly wavy and requests to be brushed on a regular basis.
Cotons are very lively and playful dogs. They could even turn into little clowns!!!

Cotons love being cuddled and taken care of. As Cotons are very close to their families, they love children.
Cotons are very good as “guardian dogs” and are not usually scared of anything. Cotons have a strong temperament, so you will have to be firm while training them.
As a very social dog, Cotons like to live with other dogs… or cats! The Coton de Tulear is a very healthy breed and the average life span of a Coton is 15 to 18 years.

As Cotons are calm and sociable, they adapt well to any kind of living environment (whether you live in a flat or a house with a garden). Very versatile, Cotons are well-known for being:
“cozy” Coton : His/her liking : sleeping on fluffy cushions. This Coton loves to make himself/herself comfortable…
“gardening” Coton : What this Coton love is to frolic in puddles and dig up the garden!
“sporty” Coton : This Coton is never, ever tired of walking, running around, going up and down and back and forth.
Coton “always on the go” : This Coton is a tough one ! He/she enjoys all kind of activities as long as he/she is with his/her family.
“happy-go-lucky“ Coton : Here is a Coton that runs with a frenzy and brings back whatever toys (or stick of wood for that matter !) has been sent away.
“kissing” Coton : What’s better than being kissed and cuddled ? This Coton loves being spoken to and is in real love with his/her family (grown-ups as well as children). Always willing to listen, he/she definitely knows how to make you feel better
coton jardinier coton marin coton rapporteur coton montagnard
coton confort coton bisounours coton rapporteur coton jardinier
As a companion dog, you could take your Coton with you at all times. Very sociable, Cotons love the companionship of dogs, cats, toy rabbits…
All our puppies come with a legal warranty. They are born and raised in our house. They are very sociable and love hugs and kisses. Our breeding program is based on the strict selection of our stud dogs. Our stud dogs are chosen according to their temperament, health, beauty and of course in due respect to the Standard of the Breed. Furthermore, they are being checked for hereditary diseases by expert veterinarians or by DNA testing.

All the “Castel de la Roche aux Fées” puppies are registered to the LOF (Livre des Origines Français : this is the French book of the origins recognized by the FCI).
Once you have bought a puppy from our kennel, should you need any help on grooming, training or anything else regarding your Coton, we are more than happy to give you advice.
We also offer you to look after your Coton at the kennel if you cannot take him/her with you on holiday.
You are welcome to come and visit us any day at your convenience providing you have made an appointment.
Feel free to browse on our website to see pictures of our dogs, as well as their pedigree and their show results.
Please note that we are just a phone call away thanks to our mobile phone. Last but not least, we have been members of the French Coton Club (CCCE) since 1996.

Concerning the LOF (click here to view the Standard of the Coton de Tuléar).

Having bought a Coton de Tuléar registered to the Livre des Origines Français -LOF for short- does not mean that your Coton is a show dog or a stud dog (or a bitch). However, being registered to the LOF guarantees you that you have a Pedigree dog. As a matter of fact, a Birth Certificate of your puppy will be given to you. It shows your Coton’s genealogy on three generations. This both-sided document will allow you to get the final Pedigree of your dog.
Professional breeders are working hard in order for the breed to match the Standard (morphology, temperament, health and beauty).
The Birth Certificate will turn into a Pedigree once your Coton will be seen by a judge appointed by the SCC (Société Centrale Canine). The Pedigree confirms that your Coton can breed within the Standard without passing on serious defects to his/her litter.
A puppy will get a Birth Certificate If :
1. His/her dam and sire have a Pedigree,
2. The litter has been declared to the SCC.

Watch out for fakes…
You might see in certain French ads “type Coton” or “genre Coton”. Do not be fooled ! These statements mean that those Cotons are “lookalikes” and are not registered to the LOF. These so-called breeders are trying to disguise those dogs into Pedigree Cotons -which they are not-. But you have to know that such acts are against the law and those persons could be prosecuted.
If you decide to buy such a puppy, you will have no guarantees whatsoever (about his/her genealogy and his/her health).
A so called Coton de Tuléar is a lot cheaper than a registered Coton. However, you never know what might happen in the future : hereditary disease(s), a “Coton” that does not look like one, a bad-tempered “Coton”…
So, we strongly advise you to be very careful when buying your Coton de Tuléar. And remember : to have a Pedigree Coton, your future companion has to be registered to the LOF.
Something else you should know about is what is known as the “common LOF”. Breeders doing “common LOF” register the born puppies to the LOF. However, they do not participate in any way to the improvement of the Breed. As a matter of fact, those persons are not usually members of the French Coton Club, do not do dog shows so they could not have their dogs registered on the “rating table” headed by the French Coton Club, do not have a long-term breeding program and do not practice health checks on their dogs.
All this hard work is our job as breeding is everything for us. As a buyer, you are facing a choice. Even though, buying a Pedigree Coton de Tuléar does not come cheap, you could rest assure that you will live in harmony with you Coton for many years to come.
As a conclusion, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that a dog is not a disposable good but a companion in your everyday life...